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Pacific trail manufacturing inc. Specializes in highly accurate crosscut unit saw systems, also known as a package saw. Employee experience dating back to 1970 has fueled significant growth in supplying crosscut unit saws to the pallet industry and lumber remanufacturers across north america as pacific trail mfg. Inc. Since 1996.
Pacific trail not only manufactures crosscut unit saws, but also deck saws for log bucking, paper roll saws, package saw retrofits and oem direct 3/4-inch pitch saw chain guide bars. Additional industries serviced are lumber remanufacturers, reload operations, manufactured housing, softwood and hardwood sawmills and tree harvesters. Internationally, pacific trail has a presence in south america, europe, australia, new zealand and asia.

Package chainsaw choices

Pacific trail offers three basic models of crosscut unit saws that provide a range of cutting tolerances and production. The most advanced model, which has the most accurate cutting tolerance at ±1/32-inch (.030mm), is the accu-cut™.

The accu-cut™ features a 20 hp tefc electric motor with choice of voltage that direct drives carbide, chromax or carbon saw chain to process osb, mdf, plywood, hardwood and softwood products. Since 1996 the accu-cut™ has used precision linear guide rods and bearings to support the saw’s ability to hold tolerance. State-of-the-art electronic inverter, rack and pinion, and gear reducer run a digital length measuring system that provides precise positioning for each cut. A standard material off-load staging feature increases production, and the kerf collapse relief feature protects the saw bar and chain. The accu-cut™ has been available with fully automatic touch screen controls for one-employee production cutting since 1997.

The exacta-cut 116-22™ has been pacific trail’s most popular model servicing the pallet industry. Offering a tolerance of ±1/16-inch and better, custom frame length for production staging, rack and pinion digital length measuring and cut stroke power assist, the exacta-cut 116-22™ is accurate, fast, and flexible.

Complete custom turnkey installations of crosscut unit saw systems can include hydraulic unit aligners that reduce the need to make end trims, sawdust vacuum systems and waste conveyors.

Entry level models, where cutting tolerances are not an issue, include the inexpensive mobil-cut yard saws, which are available in both electric and gasoline versions.

For more information on pacific trail manufacturing or its products, contact the company at:

Pacific Trail Mfg. Inc.

6532 se crosswhite way
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(503) 233-8952

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