Aligns units and minimizes or eliminates end trims on unit saws to save money and reduce waste
Every piece of equipment that ships from Pacific Trail Manufacturing Inc., carries with it a dedication to the words:

“A Difference That Will Keep You Cutting!”

What exactly makes that difference? It is the result of a unique combination of sound design, exceptional fabrication, extensive operator education & top quality service. Everyone at Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. knows saws & the technology that makes them great. When you call us, you are guaranteed to get knowledgeable staff to help you. And, you are even likely to talk to our President—yes, he often is the guy on the other end of the phone. That’s because we all believe in staying in touch with you—our customer—to make sure what we do & make is what you need. It is our mission to keep our customers in production. Minimizing downtime & cutting tolerance is the name of the game in wood processing. Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to showcase the art of equipment fabrication, service, support & education that our customers appreciate and our competitors attempt.
Since 1996, Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. has been excelling in design and function of a wide range of crosscut saws for one purpose only…to help our customers quickly and accurately process their inventory with the least amount of labor. To help them become more efficient and remain competitive in the expanding world market.

• Our extensive line of crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw cut full units of lumber, OSB, MDF, plywood and engineered wood products or EWP to length quickly and to a variety of tolerances dependent upon the need.

• Deck saws buck logs to length before heading into the mill.

• We also offer a line of paper roll saws. These saws are useful in reclaiming salvage rolls that have been damaged. They will resize a roll to slab for broke. They will also resize a roll to be rewound.

• ¾” Pitch saw chain guide bars for mechanical harvesting are manufactured from scratch from the finest high wear alloy steel. Our bars can be found on a deck saw, slasher, delimber, processor, feller buncher and firewood processor.

An introduction to the unit saw / bunk saw / package saw…

A crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw, dependent upon what industry you are in or where in the world you happen to work is also commonly known as a unit saw / bunk saw / package saw. Whatever you want to call them, they’re still glorified chain saws. Modified children of the log bucking deck saws of yesteryear.
In approximately 1985, the formal introduction of the crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw was made in North America. In 1988, the core group of PTMi employees first started manufacturing a .404 pitch deck saw with an arch to keep the saw bar steady through the cut. The modern domestic version of a crosscut unit saw was born.
Since then the crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw design has matured into sophisticated machines never thought of by the hard hewn loggers and saw-millers of the past. However, the unit saw / bunk saw / package saw of today is still that glorified chain saw. If that’s all they would ever be however, then the many companies now using our efficient, high production machines would still be using what…a gang saw, a radial arm saw, a pop up saw? But, what if you really could make a chain saw cut to ±1/32”? The implications are enormous! A reman or reload yard can create a whole unit of studs in one minute. Components can be quickly made for manufactured housing. Make long length units a more flexible part of inventory when creating truss components. Deck boards and stringers for pallet stock are done in a matter of moments. Units of engineered wood products – EWP can be easily cut into any length your contractor in the field may need.
For example: Say you have a 12’ unit of hardwood 2 x 4’s. You want to cut that unit into three finished 48” packages. You know that in a matter of five minutes you can be staring at maybe 780 cut to length pieces. That’s production! Production created by only one employee and a saw that always shows up for work…every day.
Now, for a crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw, what you want and what you get will be two different things. Just like in a machine shop, everything has a tolerance. (No, not like the tolerance you have to have with your teenage kids.) When you start your cut, you’ll be right on the money at 48”. But, when the saw bar and saw chain continue through the cut, the length of what you’re cutting will change. How much is a function of a number of variables. The model of saw. The design of the saw. The location of the cut. The species of wood being cut. The condition of the saw bar and saw chain.
You may ask after knowing all this why you’d even consider a crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw in the first place. First of all, any product you buy has to be represented to perform as is advertised. If the product doesn’t perform and never did, the company making the product would certainly go out of business…and we’re still here making saws. In the case of crosscut unit saw / bunk saw / package saw, cutting tolerances can range from ±1/4” to ±1/16” to ±1/32” and closer. Perfectly acceptable tolerances in the varied world of many finished wood products. When talking of tolerances like these for a glorified chain saw, there is extreme value in creating so much product in so little time. But again, the tolerance needs to be consistent. Just because you can cut a full unit in such a short time, that finished product has no value if it’s the wrong length. Keep in mind that cutting tolerance is normally what drives the prices of the saws. A ±1/4” yard saw is fine for cutting EWP where tolerances are usually not that tight. On the other hand, a true ±1/32” P.E.T. cut requires the saw to be a stationary model that is a bit more expensive. Then options can be added to stage units to be cut. This keeps the saw cutting while you’re loading and unloading. But, we can talk about what you’re cutting and your volume when you give us a call.
What makes Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. saws unique is our passionate commitment to cutting tolerance. We design to support cutting tolerance! We fabricate to support cutting tolerance! We install to support cutting tolerance! We educate to support cutting tolerance! We excel in supporting the customer after the sale to ensure the cutting tolerance!
So, to make a long story short, ask yourself, “What tolerance do I need to either to satisfy my customers or down-line manufacturing process?” Answering this question will put you on the road to picking a model to help you process your wood products faster than you ever thought possible.
At Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. there really is…
…”a difference that will keep you cutting!”



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